2 rubber extrusion lines in Serbia

In the course of the contract from August 2014 to June 2015, among others Atutcontrol carried out commissioning of two lines extruding the thread of tyres manufactured by KM Berstorff for passenger cars, in the tyre factory Tigar Tires in Serbia. In terms of technology both lines are equipped with a set of five extruders, with dedicated temperature control modules, over 150m long cooler and a winding and tape exchange system.

The control and safety system is based on the hardware manufactured by Rockwell Automation, i.e. PowerFlex drives, control system GuardLogix + PanelView Plus CE and PointIO modules. What distinguishes this structure among our other assignments – is the IT production management system, developed on the Factory Talk View SE platform with a MS SQL Server.

Komponents of the automation system

Decentralized contruls: GuardLogix + PointIO
PowerFlex drives
Production management and supervising system (SCADA)

New SCADA system features:
  • Recipes upload and download to SQL server
  • Quality reporting
  • Quantity reporting
  • Product reporting
  • Compounds reporting
  • Downtime reporting
  • Alarming
  • Process visualisation and archiving
  • Statistic factors calculation
Installation place:

Pirot, Serbia

Installation time:

July 2014 – May 2015