Company Profile

The Atutcontrol brand was established in response to the growing demand for specialised software, controlling machines and production lines. A rapid increase in the performance of computer control systems has opened up new opportunities for advancing automation and robotics. The vast majority of functionalities that used to be implemented by hardware have been transferred to a programmable, decentralised decision-making system. The spate of process data has become recordable for the purpose of analysis in order to support the decision-making process. The developing evolution of the industrial control has made a specific niche for programmers, at the same time being specialists in the field of the given manufacturing technology. We have been a team of such programmers – automatic control engineers since 2010.

We search for perfect paths towards development and we achieve the best, measurable effects both thanks to modernisation of the present technologies, as well as suggesting advanced, innovative concepts.

We program automatic control systems and design electrical installations for automation. We operate in the scope of plant commissioning and activation of machines delivered by other manufacturers. We cooperate with manufacturers of large technological machinery all over the world.

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Safety: Precast concrete Cutter
20 March 2020

Safety automation system, which allows adaptation the automatic Precast Concrete Cross-Cutter to the minimum requirements, in accordance with the recommendations of the Tooling Directive 2009/104 / EC.

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Adaptation line to health and safety requirements
10 April 2019

Adaptation of the two production lines to essential health and safety requirements

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Berstorff Quintoplex Extrusion Line
14 June 2017

Rubber extrusion line in Ardmore Oklahoma

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