Industrial Control Systems

We would like to offer you what we can do best – development of process software for industrial control systems. Our team of engineers has international experience in many different industries, both in terms of creation of software dedicated for PLC+HMI systems for machinery, as well as commissioning of large industrial facilities. We execute orders regardless of their size and location. Within the scope of creation of a new system you can be sure that your software will be tailored to your needs and our support will be available at every stage of implementation, as well as after its completion.

In addition, we also offer trial runs of automation systems, where continuous presence of an IT specialist is necessary at the site. We perform the following works in the scope of commissioning: configuration of communication network, drives, sensors, IO tests, modifications and corrections of electrical installation, functional tests (dry tests – without the product), production tests (wet tests – with the product), quality tests, assistance during acceptance stage.

Within the scope of our offer, in cooperation with well-proven and experienced subcontractors we also perform complex prefabrication of cabinets and assembly of automation installation. Such a cooperation in full scope of automation will be much more favourable for you, not only in terms of prices, but mainly in terms of organisation! Please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the field of automation systems we perform the following works:
  1. Programming
  2. Commissioning
  3. Designing, installing, programming and commissioning
We work on a fallowing platforms:
  • Allen-Bradley:
    • ControlLogix/GuardLogix
    • CompactLogix
    • MocroLogix
  • Siemens:
    • S7-1200
    • S7-1500
    • S7-300 (serwis)
    • S7-400

Our offer