Process visualisation and supervising

SCADA systems are an indispensable element of an extensive control system for process installation. Apart from the obvious, well written code, software functionality also depends on its ergonomics. An operator using SCADA software on their computer must have simultaneous widespread access to everything that is currently needed “within their reach”. Moreover, they must be immediately and clearly informed about any expected and unexpected events.

HMI visualisation system is different. To a smaller scale, where a control panel remains at the disposal, an operator conducts a majority of activities through a set of pushbuttons, and the machine status is presented by various controls. The HMI software no longer holds a function sensitive for the process, nevertheless the ergonomics of performance of graphics is very essential for the activities that require a rapid response.

Our team offers execution of software both for SCADA computer stations, as well as small and large control panels, for cooperation with a control system.

We develop the software for a fallowing systems:
  • – Rockwell Automation: Factory Talk View Site Edition (SCADA) i Machine Edition (HMI)
  • – Wonderware inTouch
  • – Siemens WinCC

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