Cutting-splicing machine (CAI)

Within the scope of the hereby implementation the task executed by our team was development from the very beginning of a control application to the order of the Michelin Corporation, and then, in cooperation with a machine manufacturer – Zakład Urządzeń Technicznych Unimasz Sp. z o.o. from Olsztyn, commissioning and tests in the production conditions of a CAI machine type (cutting, interleaving and splicing of a rubber court). The assembly works took place in the Hungarian Michelin factory in Nyiregyhaza.

The development of the application started in September 2015, and the last stage, namely optimisation and enhancement of the quality and output was accomplished in December 2016.

Features of automation installation:
  • At least 20 Control Techniques M702 AC drives
  • Integrated security with GuardLogix platform from Rockwell Automation
  • Positioning of material conveyors in accuracy of 1mm
  • 14 splicing cycles per minute
  • Winding and unwinding systems
Installation place:

Nyiregyhaza, Hungary

Installation time:

September 2015 – December 2016