Adaptation of the precast concrete Cutter to the minimal requirements of the Tooling Directive 2009/104/EC

At this time our team has made a safety automation system, which allows adaptation the automatic Precast Concrete Cross-Cutter to the minimum requirements, in accordance with the recommendations of the Tooling Directive 2009/104 / EC. The scope of implementation included installation design, choose of appropriate technical solutions in accordance with ISO13849-1, PN EN 61496-1, PN-EN ISO 14120, PN-EN ISO 13857 and PN-EN ISO 14119, and validation of implemented solutions by a certified security engineer .

The whole installation consists of:

• over 20 active devices, such as light curtains, interlocks
• Guard CompactLogix PLC
• 20 Estops

Installation's place:


Realisation's duration:

December 2019 – March 2020